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Materials  for

The cake  of the pie

with the actual statement :For  Duchess  sponge

8 pcs  egg whites ( keep the 3  egg yolks  apart , you will  use  them )
200 g sugar
200 g flour
20 g almond powder
20 g granulated sugar




1. Sift the flour
2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees

3.Whip the egg whites  ( Be careful for egg whites not to contaminate  with  egg yolks when separating them ) with sugar  until they  become like . ( add the sugar slowly and gradually  5  seconds after the whipping of egg whites)

 4. Ensure the well  mixture of 20 gr powdered almonds and sugar .

5. Add the mixture of  sifted flour ,almond  and sugar  to the egg whites and  mix  them slowly and  cautiously with  wooden spoon from bottom to top


6. Lay the baking sheet  over the baking  tray.

7. Using  a spatula ,  spread  the mixture over the tray .
8. İmportant  note : Cook the tray content  in the pre-set  oven  max. 6-8  minutes.

At the 6th  minute open the oven and have a look .The appearance of the  cooked

Material should be spongy. You should check by  pressing your finger on it .The pressed point should  take the previous form.Do not over cook !!  otherwise  the cake

May not absorb the prepared cream.


Cream   for cheese cream:


4 pieces leaf gelatin
25ml water
100 g granulated sugar
300gr labne
1 packet  whipped  cream mixed with milk
3 eggs yolks




1. Break   the  gelatin leafs  at the mid-points and leave them into the cold water to soften
2. Heat  the  25 ml water with 100 grams of powdered sugar..Make sure that the sugar melts in water

3. Beat the egg yolks  until  they become  thoroughly  foamy  and  light color

4. After the egg yolks become  light color  ,  pour the  syrup prepared with sugar and water into the eggs  as a fine stream .

5. Do  not allow to cool  too much  ,add  the dissolved gelatines  into the mixture and mix  all together.

6. Add the cream cheese and  cream  quickly  and  mix  as soon as the mixture is cooled



For the liqueur syrup to be added  to the cake of pastry ( for  Duchese sponge )

100 g granulated sugar
200 ml water
80 ml of bitter almond, raspberry liqueur or  Kirsch


1. Boil water   with   sugar.
2. Add the liqueur  after the heat is turned off


Cake  materials

Raspberries, blackberries or cherries
White chocolate (2 pack is enough)
File almonds

Preparation of  the cake

1. Use  a  damp  cloth  to moisten the wax paper in order to remove the  sponge cooled down to the room temperature. Turn the sponge  over  and divide into  two  parts.Take  one part of it  on the table  and soak with liquor syrup.

2. Using  a  spatula , spread cheese cream over first layer  .


3. Soak the  second layer and place it on the first layer and  spread the cream over it and leave in the freezer   for 1  hour.


4. By rule of thumb, divide the  sandwich sponges  into  the  squares to form single  portions

5. Spread melted white chocolate over the edge of each pie and cover with almond powder
6. Finally,Place the chopped mixed fruit and spread  the plain jelly .


This recipe is actually quite easy  and tasty even if it seems very laborious . I would recommend you to try.



eggs whites will look like this

eggs whites will look like this

The tissue of the cake will be spongy

The tissue of the cake will be spongy

liqueur syrup

liqueur syrup

wait  until the gelatine melts in the water

wait until the gelatine melts in the water

egg yolks

egg yolks

pastry cream

pastry cream

pastry cream to spread over the sponge divided into 2  parts.

pastry cream to spread over the sponge divided into 2 parts.

separated in  equal parts

separated in equal parts

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